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FSF March Premier League Office

Overseas competitive games? Premier League at it again

On the 8th October, it was widely reported (e.g. The Times, BBC), the Premier League is exploring the possibility of holding competitive matches overseas. The FSF issued a statement as follows: “Once again the idea of potentially huge changes to the game has arisen without consultation with one of the groups who matters most – the fans. If the reaction to previous incarnations of ‘Game 39′ and the idea of matches abroad is anything to go by, we expect this proposal to be met with…

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PL Trusts against Game 39

“I beg to tender the following suggestion … that ten or twelve of the most prominent clubs in England combine to arrange home-and-away fixtures each season” (William McGregor) When William McGregor wrote to fellow Clubs to propose the establishment of a Football League, he did so based on a fair and equitable system in which both teams would play each other twice – one at home and one away.  The Premier League proposal to play an additional game on a “lottery” basis for additional League points falls foul of…

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