PL Trusts against Game 39

FSF banner for No to Game 39

“I beg to tender the following suggestion … that ten or twelve of the most prominent clubs in England combine to arrange home-and-away fixtures each season” (William McGregor)

When William McGregor wrote to fellow Clubs to propose the establishment of a Football League, he did so based on a fair and equitable system in which both teams would play each other twice – one at home and one away.  The Premier League proposal to play an additional game on a “lottery” basis for additional League points falls foul of the basic principles of a League set up.

We understand the rationale of global commercialism / competition in the sports / entertainment industries,  and we are not against per se of playing games abroad to increase “brand” awareness.  What we do oppose is throwing away of the principles of a fair and equitable League system.  We hope that the next year of “consultation” on the PL proposal will lead to a solution where teams can play abroad to sell their brand / increase revenues, but not for Premier League points. 

The Supporters’ Trusts at the PL clubs have come out against the current proposal of “Game 39” supporting the FSF “NO TO GAM£ 39” campaign. For the full list of quotes, please see the discussion thread.

“This proposal would severely unbalance the tried and tested practice of playing each opponent twice and settling the championship and relegation on merit. Consider the situation that a side is relegated on goal difference purely because they have been unlucky enough to draw one of the ‘top’ sides in this lottery.” (Peter Warrilow, Villa Trust)

A petition is now available to sign at the FSF website and a Facebook group is open. The FSF are looking to protest locally at every Premiership Club and are looking for volunteer input (please see email link on FSF page).

To discuss the PL proposal, enter the Trust’s discussion board here.