No to Gam£ 39 – Regional Meetings

FSF banner for No to Game 39

The Football Supporters Federation is in the process of arranging a series of NO TO GAM£ 39 regional action meetings.

Fans of all clubs are invited to congregate to discuss what action we can take against the Premier League’s potentially lucrative but preposterous proposals to play competitive domestic matches in far flung corners of foreign fields.

In the days since the news broke the FSF has been inundated with supporters demanding we take a stand. Everything from match boycotts, where fans of Premiership teams would watch a lower-league side for a weekend, to Jarrow Crusade-style fans’ marches to London has been proposed.

The Football Supporters’ Federation has the will and the resources, both financial and technological, to help mobilise this country’s football supporters around this issue. What we need now is for fellow fans to make a stand and get involved.

The Birmingham meeting will take place Friday 22nd February (7:30pm) at:

The Old Royal Pub
53 Church Street
B3 2DP

For other regional meetings, go to the Discussion Board here.

Reasons why

For those of you who haven’t signed the petition yet the FSF have collated a list of reasons why you should. The arguments against are many and varied – for those of you yet to sign the petition here are just some of the reasons why you should do as soon as possible.

Go to NO TO GAM£ 39 Reasons why these proposals are a bad idea