aston villa supporters trust statement

Sale and New Board

The AVST are pleased that the sale of the club to Tony Xia has now been ratified. We have said many times that there is much to be done at Villa Park this summer so let the changes begin.

He has certainly spoken well of his plans for Villa and all of us aiming for the same stars would be welcome given the lowering of expectations we should have of our great club that has taken place in recent years.

We do sound a word of caution in respect of the make up of the board. Our counterparts at Everton and Reading have strong views on members of Mr Xia’s board.  And we were always strongly supportive of the “Football Board” that was introduced last season.

As you can expect, we are already in conversation with the club to arrange a meeting as soon as possible with the people now running this club.

We wish to gain a measure of their commitment to putting us back where we belong in the short term, as well as hearing their vision for the medium/longer term, and how they intend to achieve it.

Cautious optimism remains our position. But let us all hope that this is the beginning of us getting the management and football team our supporters deserve.