Pulse survey results

During September, we took your “pulse” in a series of questions. Since the survey closed, we have now seen Di Matteo removed from the managers’ position and a new manager is soon to be appointed. We’ll take another “pulse” again later in the season.

Aston Villa Football Club

How do you feel about the current season? (1 very pessimistic, 10 very optimistic)

The overall average score was 7.5 showing a strong optimism for the current season. The overall score did not change much over September as the results came in, with early September at 7.6 and late September at 7.4. 58% of the responses scored 7 and 8.

We’ll continue to track your perception over the season and ongoing.

Where do you think AVFC will finish in the league?

57% of responses said that AVFC would be promoted as champions (7%), 2nd place (19%), or as play off winners (31%).

34% felt that AVFC would not be promoted and 7% as play off losers. 1% thought that we may be relegated.

Would you like to see the stadium capacity expanded to 50,000 in the next 5 years?

54% agreed that the stadium capacity should be increased, with 20% not agreeing to expansion. (The balance were indifferent).

Would you accept the stadium being renamed from Villa Park?

57% do not accept the stadium being renamed and 28% accepted renaming. (Balance being indifferent).

Where should ‘safe standing’ rail seats be introduced at Villa Park?

79% of people agreed with the introduction of rail seats at Villa Park, with 59% stating the best place would be Holte Lower. 20% were indifferent as they would continue to sit.

How do you rate the match day experience at Villa Park? (1 very poor, 1 very good)

Average score was 7.4. 64% of the responses scored 7 and 8.

We thank you for your suggestions on how to improve the match day experience. We’ll review these and look to see what we can take forward to the Club.

How do you rate the pricing & value for money of your season ticket / match day tickets (where a score of 3 is indifferent) this season? (1 very poor value, 5 very good value)

Average score was 3.4, which means that AVFC need to do further work to either change the pricing and/or match day offer to improve value for money. As we have highlighted in our recommendations to the Club on ticket pricing, there was an opportunity missed this close season to set lower prices and fill the stadium for the Championship promotion push. In addition, the lack of reciprocal deals and a lack of “Twentys Plenty” for away supporters means that Villa fans are not seeing the benefits that fans of Premier League clubs and some Championship clubs are now receiving.

Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust


36% of responses were from non-members. Although the majority (77%) understood AVST’s purpose, 18% felt that the website was not clear and 5% were not aware of AVST before the survey. We thank you for your comments on what we should do to convert you to members. We’ll review these and look to take necessary actions.


64% of the responses were from members. 94% felt that AVST’s purpose was clear from website and communications, 6% said it needed to be clearer.

In terms of our performance over the last 6 months (where 1 was very poor, 10 was very good), members gave us an average score of 7.2 (57% scored 7 and 8). We thank you for providing us with this valuable feedback, and we’ll monitor this regularly via our “pulse” surveys so we can improve this satisfaction score.

We thank all those who took part in our pulse survey, and we’ll continue to monitor your satisfaction.