John Terry Signs

The first new signing is confirmed and it is making a lot of noise in the press. At AVST, we cannot remember the last time we got so bombarded with members views about a new player.

People will have their own views on John Terry as an individual and rightly so. Seen purely through a footballing prism though, he might be just what we need.

For too long there has been a stench around the club. Where defeat doesnt seem to hurt the players in the same way as the supporters.

We lost count of how many times we watched us go a goal down last season and knew that the team on the pitch simply didn’t have it in them to fight themselves back into the game.

Terry is making the right noises. He talks in terms of winning the league and not just trying to get promotion. It seems he has taken less money with us but for a challenge that he is up for.

It is vital we are promoted this season. The financial implications if not are eye watering. If he can bring us the leadership on the pitch that means players no longer look at losing as an occupational hazard. If he can educate those players who are overawed by our expectations. If he can come off the bench and steady the ship if we are under the cosh. If he can do those things, he will be a worthwhile signing.

He may well end up being our new captain. If so, he must lead us with the distinction a club with our proud tradition deserves.

And if he can have a word with his new manager to let the creative midfielders play 20 yards further up the pitch then that wouldn’t be a bad start to his time here!