aston villa supporters trust statement


At the annual general meeting held on 16 January 2019, at Villa Park, Birmingham all the resolutions were duly passed.  This included a combination of ordinary and special resolutions as detailed below in the minutes.

Thank you again to all those members who either attended in person or submitted their preferences in advance of the meeting.


Peter Warrilow as Chairman of the Trust welcomed the members to the AGM. He then asked the directors to introduce themselves to the members, outlining their responsibilities.

The chairman admitted that there have been problems with the membership system of late and asked any members who had experienced problems to contact Simon Goodyear who would endeavour to resolve those individual issues. He advised that the membership system was now under review by the board.

The chairman asked the members to try and recruit new members as the more members there are the stronger we become and gives us a stronger voice when raising substantive issues with the club.

The members indicated their support the idea for paid events for members as had been proposed by Doug O’Brien.

Ordinary Resolutions

  • The members resolved to approve the financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2017.
  • The members approved the membership subscriptions as determined by the society’s board
  • The members approved the re-election of the following directors
    1. Peter Warrilow as proposed by John Taylor
    2. Mo Razzaq as proposed by Peter Warrilow
    3. Stuart Griffin as proposed by Peter Warrilow
  • The members approved the election of the following directors
    1. Howard Hodgson as proposed by Peter Warrilow
    2. Jonny Gould as proposed by Peter Warrilow

Special Resolutions

  • By special resolution the members approved the non-requirement to conduct an audit of the accounts covering the financial year ending on 31st December 2018 and to re-appoint an independent examiner.
  • The members approved the special resolution to adopt the new trust rules as circulated to the members on 11th December 2018.


In response to a question from a new member, the chairman advised that the new rules had been published on the Trust’s website.

The meeting was then declared closed.