McGregor statue

William McGregor Statue, Villa Park Photograph taken by Joe Costello

I really believe that the game would have received a very severe check, and its popularity would have been paralysed once and for all, if the League had not been founded. I am not saying that football would have died, because football will never die. Even if the time should come when it ceases to be the highly organised sport it is today, it will still be the pastime of the juveniles, because it is not easy to conceive the introduction of a game which will prove its superior. (William McGregor 1847-1911, founder of the Football League)

William McGregor. Director of Aston Villa. Founder of the Football League. To honour our heritage in the history of football, the Club and the Supporters’ Trust were committed to honouring his massive contribution to English and World Football by placing a permanent commemoration for all to see at Villa Park. The Supporters’ Trust worked with the Club on this project over a number of years, and appointed the sculptor Sam Holland to design and build the statue. The funding  came from supporter donations and financial support from the Club. A time capsule was placed in the base of the Statue.  Lord Mawhinney, Chairman of the Football League, unveiled the William McGregor statue at Villa Park on Saturday 28th November 2009 prior to the home game against Spurs.

The Supporters’ Trust would like to thank the Directors, the Club, its managers, Sam Holland, Lord Mawhinney, and the Aston Villa supporters for their donations in making this statue happen.