Membership benefits

As a paid member of the Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust, your membership benefits are:

1. Your democratic vote

£1 of your subscription will be allocated to acquiring a share in the supporters’ trust. You will become a voting member, and the membership decides democratically on a one member-one vote system who represents you and you determine our policy.

You will be invited to our General Meetings or you can vote by email to ensure your vote counts, and in addition, we will conduct membership surveys. This will form the basis of a collective voice of Villa fans in our dialogue with AVFC and on national campaigns.

2. Regular communications

You will also receive regular communication by email from the Trust.

3. Additional member benefits

Any additional membership benefits acquired will be notified to paid members. For example, our partnership with UG-KC provides a 10% discount.  Paid members can access their membership benefits either via our Membership system or here.

4. Supporting the community

Any surplus remaining from your subscription fees, after deduction of our annual registration fee to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), independent examination fee, and our membership subscription to Supporters Direct, will be used to further our community objectives, e.g. grass roots football initiatives.