Work with SLO


Pictured: Lee Preece, right, AVFC’s SLO with Anne-Marie Fern

The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is a recently created role and is responsible for building a “communication” bridge between the club and its fans. SLO’s need to ensure there is effective communication both ways e.g. providing fans’ feedback to a club’s board or senior management.  They should also liaise with stewards, police and counterparts at opposition clubs.

The SLO needs to be a conduit for both sides, representing the interests of the club (or national association/league) AND those of the supporters. An effective SLO must be more than a club official who defends his employers from fans’ criticism; they must be proactive in engaging both the club and their fans in dealing with supporter issues before they become a problem.

Further details of the role of the SLO can be found on the FSF website, including a FAQ.

If you have a particular supporter issue that you would like the AVST to raise with the SLO, then please complete the below form.