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Supporters Consultation Group

AVST attended a meeting of the Supporters Consultation Group yesterday before the Huddersfield game. As you may know the SCG consists of various groups including ourselves, Lions Clubs, Independent Supporter Groups as well as fan websites such as My Old Man Said, Vital Villa, Heroes & Villains, AVillaFan.com and Villa Talk. It was a positive meeting. The SCG had the opportunity to question Dr Tony Xia and Keith Wyness as well as other club officials. The SCG will be collectively putting out an overview of…

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FSF Away Fans Survey

This is the fourth season that the Away Fans Feedback Project, run by the Football Supporters’ Federation, will be measuring the experience of the away supporter. The ultimate aim is to improve the away fans’ experience and encourage more fans to travel to watch their team. From this project the FSF will discuss with clubs and the authorities, in an academic fashion, what keeps fans committed to travelling and to the sacrifices they make, what they look for as a travelling fan, their likes, dislikes, and why…

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The AVST wants to thank Rémi Garde for his efforts in his time at the club. Whilst the results have not been good enough, it is hard to think of a Villa manager who has ever been dealt as poor a hand to work with as he was.  We wish him well for the future. Yet again we find ourselves searching for a new manager and we watch with interest to see how the new board goes about this task.  With the stakes so high, we…

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