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Aggressive ticket pricing required for 2016/17 season

The Supporters’ Trust have today (12th April) issued proposals to Aston Villa Football Club demanding an aggressive ticket pricing policy for the forthcoming season in the Championship.

A letter with our proposals has been sent to Steve Hollis, Chairman, and expands upon our initial verbal input provided to Tom Fox, former CEO, and Lee Preece, Supporter Liaison Officer, in February.  A copy of the full letter is available below.

The principles of the proposed policy are to maximise match day attendees and ensuring that we have passionate supporters getting behind the team in a packed Villa Park as we seek to bounce back immediately to the Premier League.  Maximising attendances and atmosphere will lead not only to more revenue spend on match day activities (club shop and kiosks), compensating the price shortfall, but will also lead to more TV revenue where Aston Villa is seen as an attractive TV product.

The main proposals of our pricing policy proposal are:

  1.  Reduction in match day attendance pricing to an average of £20;
  2. Past season ticket holders who have suffered the worst home form in our history in the last 5 years are given a tiered rebate towards a 2016/17 season ticket;
  3. Ongoing loyalty discounts into the 2017/18 season;
  4. Attractive junior and young adult pricing to ensure we develop a youth supporter base for the future; and
  5. Our loyal away followers are not worse off in the absence of the Premier League’s away fan pricing cap.

In addition, we have requested that away supporters to Villa Park access at £20, adding to a vibrant atmosphere.

The full details of our proposal can be read here.


4 thoughts on “Aggressive ticket pricing required for 2016/17 season”

  1. This is ridiculous and shows that writers on this site have ZERO financial knowledge of football and lack common sense and vision. If these recommendations were followed it would guarantee relegation to League One in 2017-2018.

    FFP Rules dictate that revenues for clubs are (mostly) a combo of match day revenue and TV revenue. TV revenue is about to drop from 91 million (this year) to 5 million next year in Sky Bet. A parachute payment by the PL will add 35 million, leaving us 51 million short of this year’s revenues. This alone will require the release of almost every player on the team to fulfill FFP rules and a rebuild with CL-level players.

    The attendance and seat prices are what will give AV the chance to land players above the average CL level given all other revenue sources are dropping. To reduce prices will simply bring in even less revenue to a club in a year that revenue will already drop by 51 million pounds. The only edge AV will have over other CL clubs is its gate revenue. The goal should be to maximize gate revenue, not fill seats. This is about… survival.

    To start pricing as if we are a Sky Bet club guarantees we will be one… for years to come.

    I urge anyone reading this to reject this proposal.

  2. Good Luck with this campaign I hope you get what you wish . More fans groups should do the same £20 for Championship football is more than enough but too many clubs including mine are way off this figure .

  3. What a common sense idea!! As stated 5 yrs of dross have really hit supporters spirits. There is nothing like a VP rocking. The new board would do well to take note of all these ideas, or it could be a long road back!! UTV

  4. What a fantastic idea, this will ensure the fans will pack the stadium every home game. Villa should also stream the away matches at £10 – £15 per game. Quality stream with commentary, this would help to make up the loss of revenue for home matches. I would watch every away game.

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